3 Must-Have CrossFit Hand Protection Tools

3 Must-Have CrossFit Hand Protection Tools

Our hands our the most used tool / body part in Functional Fitness, CrossFit workouts. We grab a barbell, dumbbell, pull up bar, wall ball, jump rope, handstand, and so much more. Athletes of all levels looking for CrossFit hand grips, gloves, to athletic tape, CrossFitters find many different ways to protect our hands.

Without proper hand protection, we’d be ripping and shredding our hands faster, unable to make our fitness gains.

Which is why it’s SO IMPORTANT to get yourself some proper hand protection.

Hand grips provide an extra layer of protection necessary to grip it and NOT rip it. Taping your thumbs during weightlifting sessions can also mean the difference between setting a new PR and a failed lift.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! At WODshop, we’re always seeking the BEST gear to help you take your fitness to the next level….


Did you know WODshop helped popularize JAW Grips here in the US in 2012? Since then, CrossFit Games Athletes such as Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Tia Toomey have used them in competition. These cloth hand grips can be used with chalk and require very little, if any, breaking in. >> LEARN MORE

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

So, a new addition to WODshop’s product line-up are Reeva Grips made out of Kangaroo Leather. In addition, not only are these grips ridiculously STRONG, but they are so thin, you practically don’t notice them! >> LEARN MORE

Reeva Kangaroo Leather Hand Grips


Finally, new to WODshop are LYFT-RX’s incredibly flexible, durable athletic tape. Best of all, they’re made from a ONE-OF-A-KIND blend of fabric and adhesive, you’ll wonder how you ever lifted without them! >> LEARN MORE

LYFT-RX Premium Adhesive Tape

To your health & fitness,

Coach Jerry Lamigo

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Jerry Lamigo

Founder, CEO at WODshop
In the past seven years, WODshop founder Jerry Lamigo has witnessed this community throughout the world as an athlete and coach of CrossFit. Having coached and trained at CrossFit “boxes” throughout California, Jerry has seen it all. From the early days when the CrossFit Games were held at a dusty ranch in Northern California to its evolution into a nationally televised sporting event held in Southern California’s infamous Stub Hub Center (formerly Home Depot Center), the sport has grown, but the core values have remained. These core values of the sport also constitute the inspiration and foundation of WODshop.

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