At WODshop, we are all about spreading the knowledge, pride, will to overcome, and sense of community that comes with our sport.  We sponsor athletes who embrace the entire CrossFit experience — training, competing, and community involvement — and want to share it with others.

Our athletes are humble, approachable, and are beasts in the box.  They are true ambassadors to the sport of CrossFit.



If you don’t know who Camille is, then you probably haven’t been around CrossFit for long.  Camille came onto the CrossFit scene when she took the 2010 games by storm.  She came out of no where to edge out top competitors to rank 9th overall.  Since then, she’s been a central figure for women in CrossFit bringing to the box a unique blend of strength and beauty.   We are honored and proud to have her as a part of our team.


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