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Tom Bender is 55 and his athletics background comes from gymnastics in high school and college. He's owned an automotive repair business and is a professor at 2 colleges. Tom is a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for LA County. He's put Reserve Recruits through Crossfit workouts at the academy, and has been doing Crossfit for about 4 years. In 2015, Tom opened the doors to Crossfit Descendants with partners Marco Arredondo and BJ Seely. He has both his CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Gymnastic Level 1 certifications.

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How I Started CrossFit as a Masters Athlete

October 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

CrossFit, as we all know, can be intimidating, especially for those of us that have had more than a few years pass by. It was no different for me when I started. I had never...

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