Chocolate Protein Mug Cake Recipe

If there is one way to win over my heart (besides some good soul talks) it is with some amazing red wine or a delicious dessert! Well, being inspired with some red wine this weekend I was feeling creative and wanted to come up with some dessert recipes that not only I would love, but you would love as well. So, I reached out and made a post on Facebook asking what it is you wanted more of and the answer was hands down “Mug Cake”!

Of course, this made me super excited because I get to take my passion for sweets and baking combined with helping show you different ways to enjoy your favorite foods guilt free so I made this recipe asap! (By the way, if you have dessert or recipe request, leave me a comment on here because I love it and am happy to come up with something!)

I did not figure out the exact nutrition or this recipe because it will vary depending on the brands you use, but for the video and this post this Chocolate Mug Cake (the whole thing!) is ONLY:

  • Around 300 Calories
  • 25-30g Protein (Depends on brand)
  • Around 10g net Carbs
  • Low Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Approximately 10g Fat

Which means Yum yum you can eat his whole thing guilt free!!!

So Come on over and join me in the ABS Kitchen & Check out this Easy Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe!

Sharing is Caring! So be sure to share this Fun Recipe with your Friends!

Ashley Drummonds

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