Deadlift and Ring Dips

15 minute Workout: Deadlift and Ring Dips for As Many Rounds

Make Deadlift in your Workout today!

“WOD” stands for Workout of the Day. This term was popularized by the CrossFit community to inform gym members what the workout will be for that day. What keeps CrossFit interesting is that everyday is a different set of movements, and it is exciting to find out what the workout will be. You don’t have to be a CrossFit enthusiast or an affiliate member to enjoy these movements. Visit our site to get gear that will help you succeed in your fitness journey. Listed in this blog is a series of workouts for you to enjoy anywhere. So, get out there and WOD it up!


Deadlift and Ring Dips

WOD: Deadlift and Ring Dips

Workout: AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) in 15 minutes

10 reps of Deadlift (males 185lbs/ females 155lbs on barbell)

10 reps of Ring Dips



Deadlift: Proper Deadlift form starts with the weight on the floor, your back is in neutral position, yet muscles are engaged. Pull the barbell, lightly grazing against your body, until you’ve locked your hips and knees. Slowly return the barbell to the floor, all muscles are still engaged, by moving your hips back first and then bending at your knees. To Deadlift with proper form means with your lower back neutral position. Rounding your lower spine during heavy Deadlifts is dangerous for your back. It squeezes your spinal discs and can cause injuries like herniated discs. Deadlift with your lower back in the neutral position is best to avoid injury.





Ring Dips: Adjust the height of the rings so that your feet will not touch the ground between repetitions, making sure the rings are at even height. Mount the rings and assume the support position. You should be above the rings, arms straight, supporting your body weight. Lower your body down by bending at the elbows and keeping shoulders close to your sides. Keep the movement steady and controlled. If possible, continue down until your shoulders almost touch your hands for a full range of motion. Press your body back up to the original starting position, with all muscles engaged including your abdominals. Source:

Ring Dip and Deadlift



Helpful Gear for this Workout:

Deadlift weightlifting belt

Protect your back for Deadlift with a weightlifting belt

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Ring Dips and Deadlift Wrist Support

Protect your wrists for Ring Dips

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Disclaimer: If this is your first time doing any of the movements listed, please consult with a professional or certified CrossFit or fitness coach prior to attempting. It is important to make sure technique is adequate to avoid injury. We do not follow a particular workout program, but simply just love working out.

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