Paleo White Chicken Chili

Hey WODShop readers! It’s Amanda from Fake Ginger back again with a yummy paleo recipe!

Is it starting to get cold where you are? I hear it is in certain areas but I’m having trouble believing it because it’s still close to 100 degrees in Texas.

But if it is starting to cool down where you are, I have the perfect recipe for a chilly day.

This Paleo White Chicken Chili was a staple in my family’s diet last winter and I am positive I will be making it all the time again this year. It is just so easy and so delicious with a batch of paleo cornbread.

All you have to do is cook some chicken breasts (I usually use the slow cooker because it shreds really nicely when slow cooked), saute some veggies, and still in a bunch of spices. A little chicken broth, a little coconut milk, and a bit of arrowroot powder to thicken it up. And then you’ve got yourself the most delicious and comforting bowl of white chicken chili!

You can adjust the spiciness to suit your tastes. If you like more heat, add in a whole jalapeno. If you like less heat, just add ¼ of the jalapeno.

I like to top mine with a lime wedge, cilantro, and paleo-friendly Sriracha sauce but feel free to add red onions, avocado, whatever else you enjoy on your chili!

The arrowroot powder is totally optional but if you have it, I suggest throwing it in the chili. It really gives it a nice texture. I’ve seen it in all the major grocery stores around me and if all else fails, you can find it on Amazon.

If you aren’t into the white chicken chili, I have a killer Paleo Steak Chili recipe on my blog!

Paleo Chicken Chili

Paleo White Chicken Chili

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1 onion, diced
½ small jalapeno, minced
3 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon cumin
½ teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon white pepper (or black pepper)
2 cups chicken broth
1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
1 (7 ounce) can diced green chiles
½ cup coconut milk
cilantro, lime wedges, red onion, avocado, optional

In a large skillet, heat coconut oil over medium heat. Add onion and jalapeno and cook, stirring often, until the onions are soft and translucent. Add in garlic and cook another 30 seconds, until fragrant. Stir in cumin, oregano, salt, and pepper.

Stir in chicken broth, shredded chicken, and diced green chiles. Bring to a boil; lower to a simmer and cook for about 20 minutes.

Stir in coconut milk and arrowroot powder; stir until thickened.
Serve immediately. Top with cilantro, lime wedges, red onion, and avocado if desired.

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Amanda has been sharing her amazing recipes since 2007. She is married to a US Army Infantryman, is a fantastic Mom to 3 boys and loves to share her cooking with the internet world!

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11 Responses to Paleo White Chicken Chili

  1. Hannah says:

    This looks amazing! But I see the directions calling for arrowroot powder, but the amount is not listed in the ingredients. I’d love to make this if you could include that-I don’t trust my own instincts when it comes to arrowroot lol

  2. Kate says:

    Made this for my family tonight–my husband couldn’t stop raving about it! He asked if he could have four bowls right away and have it for lunch every day. I guess I’ll make a double batch next time!

  3. Kathryn Nguyen says:

    Hi, does this end up having a coconut flavor at all from the coconut milk? Thanks!

    • Jerry Lamigo says:

      Thank you for your great question! Actually, with only 1/2 cup used you don’t really taste the flavor of coconut. It is used more as a thickener. I would try to make the recipe as is first, then if you still taste the coconut use 1/4 cup instead next time. Enjoy!

  4. Briana says:

    I made this last week for my husband and I and I plan on using this recipe for a chili cook off this Friday. It is great and it doesn’t have a lot of ingredients which I am down with!

  5. Courtney says:

    Can I just throw this all in the slow cooker?

    • Jerry Lamigo says:

      Sure you can throw it all in the slow cooker, but add extra liquid so it doesn’t dry out. Use either 1 cup of water or an extra cup of broth. But with less than 30mins to cook, you may or may not want to use the slow cooker.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I have made this recipe a couple times in the pressure cooker by adding all ingredients at once and it turns out great! But I’m still not mastering how to add arrowroot without it clumping. Is there a trick?

  7. Celeste says:

    I assume the type of coconut milk referred to is in a can?

    Thank you.

  8. Paula Lee says:

    what is the yield on the recipe it seems small, will it feed a family of 4?

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